Mixing Calculations

API/ISO mixing

On-line calculation of natural pipeline mixing, in accordance with the ISO 3171 1988 Annex A and API Chapter 8 Sampling Section 2 1995 Appendix B calculations, to assess the suitability of a pipeline location for sampling. The standards require that the ratio of water concentration at the top of the pipeline over the concentration at the bottom should be greater than 0.9 for the location to be suitable for sampling....read more

Viscosity temp

This calculation covered by the standard ASTM D341 converts viscosity at different temperatures. The scope of the standard gives means to ascertain kinematic viscosity of a petroleum oil or liquid hydrocarbon at any temperature within a limited range, provided that the kinematic viscosities at two temperatures are known....read more

Sampler Evaluation

Assess the performance and commercial cost of your crude oil sampler and run 'what if' scenarios to assess the reduction in uncertainty and losses that could be achieved with different sampler configurations....read more

Ratio Blending Calculator

This calculator is designed for blending two liquid hydrocarbons, and will assist you to develop the optimal blend ratio and specification for your application. It will calculate the blend ratio (volume or mass) required to achieve target blend density, viscosity or sulphur parameters based on component specifications....read more